Adaptive Organisations

Generation Y is the buzzword in the whole world. According to socialmarketing it is the largest Generation since the so-called Baby Boomers and usually known as “incredibly sophisticated, technology wise, immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches…as they not only grew up with it all, they’ve seen it all and been exposed to it all since early childhood.”

Born between 1977 and 1994 it now also represents the largest group in nearly all organisation. Nonetheless organisations struggle to address the specific needs of this generation. We tend to manage our team based on the best practices we were managed by and apply techniques we ares used to ourselves – even though it is scientifically proven, that some of the most used management practices are not encouraging enough to work in teams.

Based on techniques from Lean Manufacturing, software developers started to organise themselves around a mindset, which should support to build faster better products in an environment of constant change: The Manifesto of Agile Software Development.

We believe in the values and principles of this Agile Manifesto and found in them solutions to many of the challenges of today. Based on this and other information, we can help your organisation to develop a new model and new processes, which address the majority of your workforce and is more adaptive to today’s challenges.


We have been working with Software Development, Product, Sales, Consulting and Marketing organisations.


We work with your team to improve it's collaboration. With better collaboration the team improve the output sustainably.

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We introduce tools to your Managers which help delegating responsibilities without losing control. This will help Managers to do less firefighting and more sustainable improvement

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We treat an organisational transformation to be more adaptive like a Rebranding. We work with leaders to be always in synch on values and vision.

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