Management in 21st Century

Nowadays’ global complexity led to an environment, in which the relationship between cause and effect is not always obvious. Today’s Managers who still think in traditional ways are overwhelmed without even knowing, that they are overwhelmed. They manage their team based on absolute metrics, revenue or profit. But every organisation or team is at first a construct of human interactions.
Instead of using guidelines, regulations and work instructions we should support individual team members to improve their skills, so that she wants to contribute to the company’s success.

In this Management Training we address how you can manage today’s generation and empower your team to be more productive and efficient. We introduce several tools and methods which will enable your team to increase teamwork, be more self organised and better support you in reaching your mission.

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At the moment we do not offer any public trainings.

Who should participate:

  • leaders, managers, founders and entrepreneurs
  • Middle Management, Team leaders, Supervisors
  • Natural leaders, promising talents
  • and everybody else who is interested in creating organisations that matters

The Trainer

Chris KruppaChris Kruppa lives 8 years Vietnam and got first in touch with Agile 7 years ago. He is leading teams since 6 years. Since 5 years he is giving public presentations in South East Asia. For 4 years he is actively coaching teams and is doing so since 3 years as an entrepreneur.
He believes, that also small things matter and contribute to change the world. Therefore he believes, that every organisation can be an organisation that matters as long as it keeps learning.