There is only one constant in the world we live in: Change. The following leadership training helps you to make sense of this.

Today's Complexity - Leadership Training helps to make sense of it

Political, technological, cultural and social advancements in the last 40 years have led to an environment, where our status quo as an organisation as well as an individual are constantly challenged. Companies that used to dominate individual markets have vanished and new-economy organisations dominate traditional markets after only a few years.

Over the last 50 years the duration of companies in the Fortune 500 declined constantly and fast-growing startups are catching up with traditional companies. AirBnB for instance managed in 5 years to offer as many beds as the Hilton group in 90 years.
Rapid innovation and the skill to execute an idea into a working product seems to be one of the key points to stay relevant.

Higher complexity through more inter-connection

Meanwhile, the financial crisis following the subprime crisis led to a global economic crisis, which endangered full state economies (and still does). To understand the contribution of the success of US mortgages towards the success of the economy of Greece is very complex and rarely fathomable by an individual Organisations that had flexible hierarchies and a different way of cooperation soared in the time of the crisis.
New forms of cooperation and hierarchies seem to help organisations to understand the complex environment and better react to such scenarios.

Finally, the different developments in different countries have bred different generations with different motivations. While generation X – typically today’s business owners, managers and directors – has learnt that hard work will give them financial security, more recent generations such as the Millennials are looking for more sense-making activities in their daily work than only the prospect of financial security.
As more and more millennials are entering the job market, organisations need to learn how to manage between different generations for success and best work results.

Agile Leadership Training to make sense of today’s world

The agile leadership training will explain the world we live in today. We will learn how big failed organisations struggled to understand the current environment and how now successful organisation kept adjusting to the constant change.
You will be introduced to philosophies, methods and thinking patterns, which help you to understand the current times and apply tools and frameworks to get best results with your existing team.

At the end of the full training program you will have a comprehensive understanding of today’s dynamics and which tools, methods and frameworks you can apply in your daily work to keep your organisation relevant.