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The Dilemma of each person responsible for products: We know how to create a product very fast when we are really passionate about it. But being passionate about something does not mean, we can convert it into sales and make it a scalable business – especially in today’s complex world, where the only real constant is change.

Usually product teams are so in love with the solution that they tend to forget, what problems they actually are trying to solve. Ash Maurya from LEANSTACK promotes falling in love with the problems and not with the solutions. Only if you are able to solve a big problem your customers might have and they would pay for your solutions, your business idea is able to scale.

Based on the disruptive innovation frameworks Running Lean from Ash Maurya, Lean Startup from Eric Ries and Customer Development from Steve Blank we support you on developing a blurry vision into a product which reacts to the changing market conditions in your area. We help you to create a business plan in 20 minutes, find your target customers as fast as possible and experiment your way to the product / market fit in order to scale. We help you to understand and apply the tools needed for faster development of your product and turn that into a feasible buiness.


We have been supporting and working on products in the domains HR, E-Commerce, Community Platforms and complex company websites.

Product Teams

We help you gather the right people to turn your idea into feasible features.

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Head of Product

We help you understand, how to measure success in your product for next steps.

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We understand your vision and build it in cooperation with you to the next innovation.

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