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We help you to create an organisation that matters

Organisations struggle with the complexity of today's business world. To stay relevant, they are required to be robust in all three aspects of an organisation: team, product and market.

semdi solutions provides you with the tools to stay relevant in today's challenging world. semdi is an acronym of the Latin expression ``Semper Disce`` which translates as ``always learning``. It is our philosophy to never rest, but to continuously grow.

semdi is also Icelandic and can be translated as ``to orchestrate``. And similar as a conductor of an orchestra we help organisations to align all activities with the vision and values they decide to act upon.

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Your team

A team consists of individuals with different goals and motivations. We help you to align the team and create a motivating, goal driven and highly productive environment.

Your product / service

The most prominent reason for a company to fail is that it is unable to provide a service or a product, for which customers are willing to pay. We help you understand your customers and deliver your products or services better and faster

Your market

The brand is what your company stands for in people’s perception. We support you in making sure that your values are represented in line with your vision.

 Our services



Many organisations complain and struggle with recruiting and maintaining fitting staff in their organisation. This often leads to the sub optimal solution of key positions in the organisation being ke



Every strategic and operational masterplan needs to have followed activities in its development. This could include developing the digital strategy or a new company website, building a digital product



Initiating organisational change or transformation does not fail because of unwilling participation of the key people involved but rather because fundamental knowledge is missing in order to carry out



During an assessment we will visit the company’s and team’s meetings. During those visits we will additionally identify a group of members out of the teams, which we believe are a good average of



Directors of any organisation are often too busy with their daily operations and strategy planning to just stop for a moment to analyse and evaluate the current situation in the organisation. Consulta


Coaching & Mentoring

Consultants focus on what needs to be improved within the organisation by analysing and embedding solutions to counter certain problems the organisations have. It should not stop right there: Coaching

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