We are a group of agile coaches, consultants & trainers, who naturally speak the language of Millennials, Digitization and Globalisation. We have supported companies in South East Asia to become more effective, self-organized and productive for the last decade.


Our clients

  • Codelink
  • Louis Motorradshop
  • Intek Institute
  • vincere
  • Inspectorio
  • vSource
  • TinyPulse
  • pragmatic solutions

Our expertise

Organizational Effectiveness makes it possible to constantly offer valuable services and products to customers. Therefore, it is key in such constantly dynamic environments to continuously make the right decisions. Then, the scaling of the organization is just the natural consequence. In order to achieve that, our Agile coaches keep their external view to support the focus on the essential.

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Organizational Alignment describes the unified communication to pull towards the same vision within the whole company. Only then, empowerment, self organization & proactivity is possible. Our Agile coaches support you to focus on alignment in your communication.

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New ways of working require new ways of Management. In order to address the challenges of today, organizations, departments and teams need great leaders for inspiration and motivation. Our Agile Coaches help your Managers to improve their leadership skills.

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Team Enablement is the ability of a team to establish a set of agreements and understandings for higher value and customer experience. In other words, it is working frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban or LESS. In order to achieve that, our Agile Coaches empower teams to understand self-organization and their own role.

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Our public courses

25.02. -25.02.2021 Team Alignment with Scrum
Location to be defined, Ho Chi Minh City
11.03. -13.03.2021 Agile Leadership Practices with Management 3.0
Location to be defined, Ho Chi Minh City
26.03. -7.05.2021 Agile Applied – Remote Workshop Series
16.04. -17.04.2021 Agile People
Location to be defined, Ho Chi Minh City
21.05. -21.05.2021 4 Pillars Workshop – Leadership from within
Location to be defined, Ho Chi Minh City