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Our Leadership Training on the 4 Pillars for authentic Leadership helps you to increase your leadership skills

Our 4 Pillar leadership training helps leaders to create high-performance teams. The more trust exists within our team, the better their performance. Building 4 pillars of leadership with vulnerability, empathy, integrity and adaptability will improve trust in your teams and therefore the performance.

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The "4 Pillars of Leadership Within" is a science-driven and introspective leadership framework to create authentic and servant leaders. But, Authentic and Servant Leadership is not something we can do. It is something, we are. They are the qualities of a leader, and leadership starts within ourselves. The 4 Pillar Leadership Training helps leaders to create united and trustful teams.

The 4 Pillars are a reflexive and emergent partnership between Vulnerability, Empathy Integrity and Adaptability to increase authentic leadership for high-performance teams. The journey to work on those 4 Pillars is up to the individual. We, however, provide a framework with 3 significant tools to build hat authentic leadership.

1. The Foundation
When mentoring aspiring and newly appointed leaders, they often look for their managers or organizational structures to help them to solve their challenges or teach them to grow. But you forge your own luck. You are the navigator through your own journey, and you can influence your next steps yourself.
2. The Tools
The Definition of Awesome describes, where you want to go. It is the vision of your leadership journey. Or it might be the ideal solution to an existing challenge you want to solve. The Rhythm or Iteration is a timeboxed cycle event, in which you describe and document all your results and next steps to achieve your Definition of Awesome on the 4 Pillars Canvas. The Question & Action framework is a comprehensive catalog to inspire you on what to do next on your journey. It is categorized in building blocks to categorize the progress in your journey.
3. The Building Process
Through the tools, you can decide on your own pace and nature of the journey. The journey is totally yours. The tools, we provide, are supposed to inspire to think differently on the challenges and actions you are facing daily. Important is the discipline you decide for yourself.
4. The Epiphany
At some point, you will reach a solution or the status you were aiming for. The epiphany is when the Definition of Awesome becomes reality. The next step is to look for the new Definition of Awesome.

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