The Pioneering Approach

Become an Agile Coach by being Agile itself: Our Academy program uses Agile elements and gives the power of the development to the participants themselves. We understand ourselves not necessarily as the experts and owners of knowledge, but rather as a Facilitator and Coach to their own journey.

As a participant in our academy, you are on a journey. Firstly, you will decide, which coaching character you want to become and then decide yourself, which quests, chapters, stories, epics or legends you would like to access to become the chosen coach. The character is decided by the competencies and activities you will learn. Every chosen course will give you certain amounts of competencies and activities.
Our approach is fully designed to help the aspiring coach to become an effective coach within any given organization. It is not a one off certification program, but rather an in-depth course of what the role of an Agile coach as internal and external partner entails. Similarly, as a university, students can enroll into a full coaching program, but enables through monthly commitment total flexibility. Students can cancel at any time.
Students do not need to follow a certain pre-defined agenda, but rather can choose their path towards their coaching profile and persona. Each course gives the students experience points for either certain competencies and activities, which then will count towards the needed experience points for their coaching persona.
As part of every journey, students can be placed within organizations to practice and apply the theoretical knowledge learned in the courses. Through this practical work, the students are not just gathering knowledge and certificates, but build up applicable practices and solve real life challenges for other organizations. This also gives students and organizations the opportunity to build up their coaching capacity and long-term relationship for future collaboration.

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We are at the moment working behind the scene to create our first programs and persona and hope to have our first training programs created by the end of Quarter 4 in 2021. Do you want to be among the first to know, when this is ready?

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    Our Mentors, Coaches & Trainers

    Chris Kruppa

    Agile Coach & Leadership Expert

    Oanh Do

    Agile Coach, Scrum Master & Product Owner

    Anaïs Ngo Xuan Coi

    Agile Mindset Coach

    Nicolas Embleton

    Organizational Resilience Specialist

    Marco Passuello

    Agile HR Specialist

    Tam Doan

    Agile Coach & Scrum Master Mentor