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Agile Transformations require a fundamental change on how to look at work

Our in-depth and comprehensive Academy for Agile Coaches aims to become the graduation programs for change agents to help make change sustainably. Instead of just attending a certification course, which covers only a part of the whole Agile Coaching journey, we offer a full program for everyone.

Register now, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to set you up for a successful journey. As we are just starting this program, the first 10 students (use coupon code: firstcome) will receive a full free scholarship until the end of their journey! Unfortunately, all of our free spots are already taken. Please get in touch with us, if the price of 7 500 000 VND poses an issue for you.


3 Options

6 Experience Level

Level 01: Foundations, Introductions
Focus on why Agile exists, what it really is and what coaching really means.
Level 02: Self-Development & Agile practices
What skills, competences and behaviors do we need to become an Agile Coach? Also, what Agile frameworks are around?
Level 03: Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitation
Change is difficult and often, teams or individuals do not really want to change. So, how should we behave as an Agile Coach so that change comes and stays sustainable?
Level 04: Management & Leadership
Agile Coaches are servant leader and will work frequently with Managers & Leaders. On this level, we learn, how a leader should behave.
Level 05: Organizations & Organizational Design
Agile & Scrum started as a team approach. But an organization rarely exists of only a team. Let's look at how to approach Agile as an organization and how to design an agile organization.
Level 06: Running a Consulting Business
If interested, we also offer a level fully dedicated for freelancers and consultants, who are interested in running the business on their own.

If you are interested, on how comprehensive, foundational and pragmatic the whole curriculum is designed, you can have a peak on Beta Version 1.0 on this Google Drive document

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the goal?
Our goal is to create Agile coaches, who receive Agile knowledge, behaviors, practices, tools, etc. to be able to support effectively any organizations of any size.
2Who is an ideal student?
An ideal student is a person, who wants to support their or other organizations of any form to be more resilient of times of constant uncertainty and change.
3What are the prerequisites?
None, we will touch anything on the different views on Agile as well as coaching from scratch. anybody can participate.
4What is the format?
Currently, we will be offering 2 90-minutes slot per week to sign up and join via a Zoom Call. They can register easily via their user profile on our website. We might record those sessions, so in the future, students can also just learn from the recordings of those sessions. Students will receive big discounts to any of our public offered courses as well, such as the Management 3.0, 4 Pillars or Agile People.
5How does the learning journey look like?
In an initial interview / coaching conversation with us, we confirm, which coaching aspirations the student would like to follow. They can choose from:
Wizard (Focus: Strategy), The Magic Mirror (Mindset), Prince (Alignment), Halfling (Collaboration), Knight (Product), Mason (Tech & Tools) & Spirit (Sustainability).

These aspirations are like video game characters, who need to acquire certain Experience Points through the Sessions they attend. Depending on those sessions, they will receive experience points for Competences as well as activities.

As the program and the registration for each topic is up to the student, we support guiding them through 6 different experience levels:
Level 01: Foundations, Introductions
Level 02: Self-Development & Agile practices
Level 03: Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitation
Level 04: Management & Leadership
Level 05: Organizations & Org Design
Level 06: Running a Consulting Business (add-On)
6What is the time commitment?
The time commitment is totally up to the student and how much time they would like to commit. Currently, we offer 2 slots a 90 minutes per week plus homework. Students sign up proactively for the sessions. In addition to experience points, we will also enable a health points system, which will be based on how active and driven the student is in the program. For example, healthy points stay up, if they frequently attend the sessions and do homework activities. If they fall below a certain point, they might need to re-attend some of the sessions to qualify for the next level.
7What are the costs?
First people to sign up receive access to the whole program for free.

An investment of 7.5 Million VND/month is necessary to get access to 8 sessions per month.

Future Ideas of the Academy

The Coaching Academy just started. But we already look for ways to improve it.
  • Health  Points: To make people stay active and ensure, that the learning is sustainable, we will develop a health points (HP) system, which could take the duration of breaks in between different classes into account.
  • Self Video Learning: With the growth of the academy, we will record sessions and enable the possibility, that participants do not need to wait until the classes are held online or offline synchronously. Through recordings and videos, students can choose what and when to learn.
  • Quizzes & Assessment: Through Quizzes and Assessments, we can evaluate, if the student has watched the video and can benefit from the xPs.
  • Real life internships: Agile Coaching needs practices. We have the plan to build up strong partnerships with organizations to enable students to join a company for a certain time and put the theories into practice.
  • More Automation: Assigning points for attendance and enabling visibility about the progress is somewhat a manual process at the moment. Therefore, it can take times until certain attendance records will be updated. It is our goal to automate this in the future.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens: As a long-term plan, we are looking into the possibility to turn your attendance record into Non-Fungible Tokens to ensure the integrity and authenticty of each use rprofile.

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