New business opportunities, a superior product from a competitor or changes to the global or regional economy (e.g., COVID-19) challenge us daily to respond. in fast-paced environments, our ability to respond is crucial. 

Too often, our Change Management dies off due to inertia in leadership and teams not being able to respond quickly enough. It is time to set up organizations to change themselves automatically.

Challenges for Change Management Projects

Change sustainably and agile


We support you to make any change initiative effective by using a Change Management approach, which does not impose change on others, but supports your team to drive the change.


Organizational or even only local change are often strategy decisions with substantial investments. Organizations want to know their return on this investment. Traditionally, we would therefore create a solid plan with milestones showing us, how we can get there. But it is with any project: The more complex it is, the less predictable it becomes.

Our approach to change management supports teams and organizations in making sense of complex environments, where it is hard or even impossible to predict the outcome. Instead of planning meticulously your change for each possible outcome, we support you to use the iterative and incremental approach of Agile to discover the future.

KeynoteThe Leader's Dilemma - Many top leaders do not know how to start to become more Agile. In this keynote, we will cover alternative organizational principles, which will help you to get started. Based on the 2011 book - The Leader's Dilemma.

KeynoteDon't scale Agile, but reframe - An inspiring keynote, which shows alternative approaches to scaled agile transformations inviting each individual of the organization to be a part of the transfromation.

WorkshopCoaching & Consulting - Organizational Leaders do often know what to do and understand why and how Agile can help them. Confronted with daily challenges and the pressure to move fast, however, hinders them to act according to their valules. An external "voice" as Coach or Consultant supports decision-making towards higher agility. READ MORE

WorkshopAgile for Entrepreneurs, Boards, Company Owners - 2-Day Workshop covering the foundations of the theories behind Agile (Systems, Complexities, Game, and Motivation) and how they can apply the understanding of those theories into their daily work. READ MORE

WorkshopAgile for Non-IT - 2 Day Workshop to introduce the different values and principles and how they are effective to use in non-IT departments such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, or Accounting (among others). The workshop is free of jargon or examples from the tech world. READ MORE

Assessment Organizational Assessments - Studying the documentation, attending organizational meetings, interviewing selected team members and analyze the way of working to give a detailed assessment report on what is good, what can be improved and what needs to change to become more Agile. READ MORE

FacilitationLeadership Retreats - We facilitate your next Leadership Retreat to develop your strategy, announce changes, kick-start your Agile transformation or to just bond as leaders closer by developing the agenda and facilitating a productive and sustainable result. READ MORE

WorkshopFacilitating Change - 3-Day Workshop directed to internal Agile Coaches or Scrum Masters to upskill their Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting competences. READ MORE

Customized Journey Customized Consulting and Agile Transformation Journey - We are happy to develop a customized development journey for higher agility with a mix of Mentoring, Retreats, Coaching, and Workshops based on your needs.


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