The average team doesn’t spend even thirty minutes a week reflecting on how they work together. They are going to need your help to stop this pattern and clear a path. Because we can’t learn if there’s no time to think. Teams need time for retrospection. They need time for personal reflection. They need time for deep work. They need time to run experiments and find a better way. You can create these opportunities for them, or you can empower them to create them for themselves.

Aaron Dignan


An Agile Transformation is only successful, if the whole organization embraces the new ways of working and establishes that way as the state of affairs in the organization. But the most effective frameworks and methodologies are only effective as team and not as organizational approaches. Scaling Frameworks are usually ineffective as they market quick and aligned results, but usually work at the expense of imposing a way of working on others. While Change KPIs are typically achieved through the implementation of a Scaling Framework, many companies later roll back their transformations as it is ineffective.

Agile Transformations are often introduced for all the wrong reasons; that starts with the board or company owners.


With a clear understanding, what agility really means (rather than a quick process change through frameworks), the organization will be empowered through role modeling the agile mindset with its values and principles. A clear message is sent, that agile is something which inspires everyone and that gives the whole organization higher trust in the management and change process and makes the transformation more successful.


Our Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Boards, or Company Owners is using scientific foundations to support the top decision makers on understanding, what Agile is and when it helps and when it does not help.

We introduce System, Complexity, Motivation and Game Theory as a foundation for agility and provide practical tools, scenarios, and case studies to help top decision makers in getting more comfortable with uncertainty.

The goal of the Workshop is for top Decision Makers to understand that effectiveness and therefore, as a consequence, efficiency only improves through transparency, short feedback cycles and self-organized and competent teams.

Agile is only effective when the whole organization embraces it and makes it values and principles visible daily.

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