Practical Leadership practices with Management 3.0

Management 3.0 equips leaders with practical tools for high performance teams and organizations

Due to today's uncertainties, organizations need to be more agile and resilient to survive. This requires leaders to think differently about their role on how to manage the team. Management 3.0 provides empowering and inspiring practices and tools for exactly this..

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95% of the performance of an organization is not the results of the individual, but the result of the systemic foundations and structures, such as how we build our teams. Management 3.0 therefore addresses this issue by providing the Managers and Leaders of any organization (company, department, team) practical tools and practices, so they can focus on building the right structures to increase the performance of the organization. When everyone feels responsible for the whole, everybody will contribute to the success of the organization.

Training Agenda

1. Complexity Thinking
How does a complex system work and how can we make sense in an ever-changing environment?
2. Management and Leadership
The evolution of Management from Taylorism to System Management.
3. Energize People
How to motivate your team and keep them engaged in the system?
4. Empower People
Delegate Responsibilities to empower your team.
5. Align Constraint
Grow the right organizational culture with consistent behaviour towards your values.
6. Develop Competence
Competent teams consist of individuals with high competence. How to develop that?
7. Grow Structure
Find the right structure to scale your organization
8. Improve Everything
How experimentation and learning from success and failures help you for continuous improvement
9. Full Day Open Space
The Open Space will address all the open challenges, problems and ideas and more we have not yet discussed in the first 2 days.

Management 3.0 Training


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