Introducing Agile Ways of Working into teams often fail because of resistance of change within teams. This makes new ways of working ineffective and questions the performance of the organization as a whole. 

But too often, introducing new ways of working focuses on frameworks instead of mindsets. It is time to change our approach to introducing new ways of working for teams.

Challenges for Teams in becoming Agile

Develop your Agile Way of Working


We help you to make sense of the Agile values & principles within your context and create a customized way of working, which makes you more adaptive, flexible and agile.


Contrary to popular belief, Agile is not a pre-defined process or framework for how we do our work, but is a set of values and principles supporting teams and individuals to make sense in an ever-changing environment. It invites them to look different at their work and therefore understand how they can change to more Agile Ways of Working by themselves.

Our programs focus on providing the foundations and different values and principles, so everyone understands how to become more Agile so that change becomes sustainable.

KeynoteIntroduction to Agile - A presentation targeted at a company, department, or team through Town halls, All-Hands or Brown Bag lunches introducing the values and principles of Agile, why it exists and reasons, why Agile is mandatory in the 21st century.

WorkshopIntroduction to Scrum or Kanban - 1 or 2 day Workshop to give an overview of either Agile framework, how it relates to Agile and which tools and practices the framework includes. With the 2-Day Workshop, the team can kick-start its way of working according to the framework. READ MORE

WorkshopAgile for Non-IT - 2 Day Workshop to introduce the different values and principles and how they are effective to use in non-IT departments such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, or Accounting (among others). The workshop is free of jargon or examples from the tech world. READ MORE

WorkshopIndividual Coaching Journey - Individual 1-1 Support to selected members (with influence over the team) of one or more teams to support them in their daily activities on improving the Way of Working and staying abreast of organizational challenges. READ MORE

Assessment Team Assessments - Attending the events for one or more teams, interviewing selected team members and analyze the way of working to give a detailed assessment report on what is good, what can be improved and what needs to change to become more Agile. READ MORE

FacilitationGroup Companion - Support one or more teams, communities, or platforms closer by attending their meetings / events and giving detailed feedback to the key team members (e.g., Scrum Masters) on how to improve their way of working and processes. READ MORE

WorkshopFacilitating Change - 3-Day Workshop directed to internal Agile Coaches or Scrum Masters to upskill their Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting competences. READ MORE

WorkshopThe Agile Employee - An introductory 1-Day Workshop, which supports individuals to understand, why Agile is important to their role in the organization. Afterwards, they can understand the new practices, tools, and ways of working and be a proactive part of the transition. READ MORE

KeynoteAgile is more than Stand-Ups & Post-Its - A presentation targeted at a company, department, or team through Town halls, All-Hands or Brown Bag lunches introducing some common misconceptions of Agile in organizations and teams and how a team can overcome those.

Customized Journey Customized Agile Ways of Working Journey - We are happy to develop a customized development journey for higher agility with a mix of Mentoring, Retreats, Coaching, and Workshops based on your needs.

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