If we truly want to be Agile, we are going to have to adopt the language of our customers. To that end, we must choose words and concepts that they are comfortable with—not force them to learn a new, arbitrary, and unhelpful vocabulary.

Daniel Vacanti


Organizations have seen the benefits of an Agile way of working, but often struggle with the implementation. Too regularly, Agile transformations are seen as a change in the process framework and not enough in a change of mindset.

Change Agents, such as Scrum Master or Agile Coaches, are typically left alone, looked down or called out as Agile Police. This is because, they are overwhelmed when supporting teams in making changes towards higher agility.

One of the reasons is, that as a part of the organization, they depend on and a remeasured by the same systems as everyone in the organization.


Change Agents of your organization will have a complete new understanding of their role in the organization, access to a new tool box to make change lasting in your organization. Through that, the organization will gradually change their approach to change management, the individual members in your team will be more empowered and motivated to become more agile, and, as a consequence, the organizational change to Agile will be sustainable.


Many think, people resist change - but this is not true: People in general do not resist change; they resist being changed. Therefore, to be effective as a Change Agent, one should understand, that their role changes from someone who is part of a specific system to someone, who needs to look at the system from the outside.

Change Agents are not the pilot, thy are maximum co-pilots; maybe even better: Navigator or Air Traffic Controller. They look from outside at the teams and their performance, and inspire and empower key personnel to understand, which practices and tools might be contextual applicable in such contexts.

Our 3-Day Masterclass Workshop introduces to Agile coaches, Head of PMOs, Team Leaders, Managers, COOs, Chief of Staffs or Scrum Masters different practices, tools, and principles to make change to a more agile way of working lasting.

It is not just theories, but focuses on practical applications on implementing change sustainable change to any organization. We do role model different scenarios inspired by real life to overcome our urge to impose change, but to focus on inviting people to change.

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