Agile coaching is more about who you are and what behaviors you model than it is about any specific technique or idea you bring to the team… I would say that agile coaching is 40% doing and 60% being. The powerful (silent) influence you have because of who you are and how agile values shine through your every move should not be underestimated.

Lyssa Adkins


For teams, who daily work together, it is easy to fall into a routine and follow a certain way of doing things. As Agile is based on principles and values, many teams just follow the suggested practices online without understanding the principles and therefore neglecting their context.

This can lead to demotivated team members or a way of working which focuses too much on delivery or efficiency - when innovation and effectiveness is needed


Each supported team has direct access to an experienced facilitator supporting organizations on their agile journey for over 10 years. Through that, they get access to tools and practices from a variety of organizations from consumer electronics, over finance industry, software outsourcing, Marketing or Automotive industry.

The organization gets access to the learnings and a successful First Follower Team to inspire the organization to follow towards a more agile organization viral.


By attending some meetings (for example Sprint events) of one or more selected teams, we evaluate and question the practices in place. Our goal is to understand the context of the team and then support them to make their best own decisions on improving their way of working.

Through attending the meetings or events of a team, we can evaluate the collaboration. Then we work with the decision-makers of said teams to dig deeper on understanding the reasoning behind certain implementations. Based on that, we suggest to those team leaders alternative ideas to improve the outcome. Afterward, we follow up by attending further events and meetings or in 1-1s to see, what improvements these suggestions have brought to the team.

We support the team to document the outcomes and results transparently to the organizations. Depending on the status of the team, it may take 2–3 months of following one team to see sustainable improvements.

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