As you travel down a traditional org chart, motivation and contextual awareness become more limited and specific, and more remote from the organization’s overall strategic aims

Stanley McChrystal


Many organizations fail in introducing agile ways of working or in their agile transformation because the organization focuses on key members of the organization (e.g. Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, team leaders, etc.). Often, this may result in a two-class situation, in which individual contributors do not understand the need of change and therefore focus on their work as they always did. This gives the key personnel a difficult to start as individual contributors don’t think, it is important for them to actually change anything. They just follow the key personnel.


If everyone in an organization has the skill and the will to change the way of working and starts looking differently at their individual work, we empower for collective sense-making. Each team then can improve their own way of working by understanding the why and how of Agile ways of working.


Agile Transformation or introducing new ways of working is successful, if everybody in the organization changes the way on how they look at their work within their context.

In our 1-Day Introductory Workshops, we focus on helping each employee understand, how to look different at their work. Through practices and scenarios, we compare how their usual way of working might not work anymore in today’s global environment and how an agile way of working is significant for everyone.

The workshop agenda is fully customized and will be created based on the context of the organization, as well as the business unit or function, the participants are in.

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