Our client, a company specializing in providing manpower and data for large organizations with high recruitment needs, plays a crucial role in sourcing relevant candidates. With their sourcing employees using an in-house software platform, the client connects customers with candidates, helping them fulfill their recruitment requirements more efficiently and cost-effectively. Alongside this service, the client recognizes the need to foster leadership development among their junior team members.

Increased Leadership Capacity leading to improved results

The implementation of our Leadership approach has yielded notable results:

LeadershipImproved Leadership Capacity & Capability: Program participants have demonstrated consistent growth, earning promotions to higher positions. The concepts, practices, and tools acquired during the program continue to be actively applied, even years later..

SourcingEnhanced Sourcing Quality: The top leadership at the client's organization has reported an increase in sourcing quality, resulting from the improved leadership capacity and capability of their team members. This enhanced sourcing quality has led to increased job placements for their customers.

Our Approach & Scope

Our involvement in this success story included the following services:

  1. LEAD Program:
    • Development of the LEAD leadership development program in collaboration with the client.
    • Ongoing proactive improvement of the program.
    • Delivery of weekly sessions for one cohort per year, with three cohorts successfully delivered.
  2. Individual Coaching Sessions:
    • On-demand coaching and mentoring sessions with program participants and other managers within the company to ensure effective implementation of concepts, practices, and tools.
  3. Facilitation of Weekly Retrospectives:
    • Temporary establishment of Weekly Retrospectives among middle management to support their continuous improvement journey.

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