The company, founded in Vietnam in 2017, initially provided banking technology to a South African bank and recently expanded its services to a Philippine bank. This expansion led to a significant increase in the engineering workforce, growing from 120 to over 300 engineers in just 24 months. The organization adopted a new approach emphasizing radical team autonomy, allowing each team to independently determine their work methods, provided they benefit both their own team and related teams within the collaborative product. To support this approach, the teams needed to establish metrics for self-assessment and experimentation. Furthermore, the Senior Leadership Team recognized the importance of aligning their strategic goals for 2022 and sought to enhance leadership capability and capacity.

Increasing Team Autonomy through improved leadership capability and organizational transformation

While the implementation of the new working approach is still in progress, initial teams have already observed significant improvements:

Our Approach & Scope

To address these challenges, several key initiatives were implemented:

  1. Agile Community: Formation of an Agile Community among Scrum Masters & Engineering Managers, fostering ongoing participation.
  2. Scrum Master Coaching: Regular one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with Scrum Masters, offering support in addressing challenges and effectively implementing Scrum practices.
  3. Leadership Support: Regular one-on-one sessions with decision-makers in Vietnam and facilitation of Leadership Retreats to align leaders with a common strategy.
  4. Leadership Training: Conducting two cohorts of Management 3.0 Training focused on Agile Leadership Practices. This training empowered the Leadership & Middle Management team to transition from a command-and-control approach to facilitation and mentorship.

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