18 March 2022
09:00 - 18:00

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The goal of the 4 Pillars is to help you as a leader to create high-performance teams. Trust is one of the major factors for high-performance teams. The more authentic you as a leader are, the more likely, the team will trust you. The 4 Pillars are about creating a trustful environment between leaders and followers.

The 4 Pillars workshop will let you experience different views of leadership and equip you with guidelines which will help you to become a servant and authentic leader.

The full-day workshop will be an introspective, mindful and at some point even meditative journey, in which you will experience the 4 Pillars constantly throughout the day. We intentionally designed the workshop in a radically different format you might be used to. We will stretch and might even challenge your comfort zone.

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