12 August 2022
09:00 - 18:00

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Leadership is difficult and while there are many courses out there, most of them focus on the relationship between the leaders and their followers. This 4 Pillars workshop introduces you to a self-focused process, which will help you to improve your leadership confidence and therefore the trust between you and your followers.

In today’s world, leaders need to give up control, which requires becoming a servant to the team and being authentic to inspire them. Virtues, which go beyond the traditional conceptualization of leadership and move the focus on the “self”. Thus, leadership starts within each one of us.

The 4 Pillars workshop will let you experience different views of leadership and equip you with guidelines which will help you to become a servant and authentic leader.

The full-day workshop will be an introspective, mindful and at some point even meditative journey, in which you will experience the 4 Pillars constantly throughout the day. We intentionally designed the workshop in a radically different format you might be used to. We will stretch and might even challenge your comfort zone.


1What is the Content?
  • Check-in to the course with 2 qualities
    Getting ready into this course with being mindful and improving your growth mindset.
  • Pillar 1: Vulnerability
    Often, we are stopping ourselves from solving a problem because we are afraid of something. Embracing this fear will help us to get comfortable with it.
  • Pillar 2: Empathy

    Any potential team’s reaction to our behaviors can significantly hinder our leadership capability. Empathy is about knowing their reaction and as a consequence feel more confident in our decision-making.

  • Pillar 3: Integrity
    When confronted with several options, we sometimes just go for the quick and easy solutions instead of the right solution. Connecting your decision back to your values will support you to stay authentic.
  • Pillar 4: Adaptability
    The world is changing constantly. Therefore, our decisions need to be adaptable to the changes happening around us.
  • Gather and create Awareness on your challenges
    We are constantly confronted with challenges we need to solve for our organization. This can include transformational, restructuring or transformational decisions. In the end, we will guide you with an extensive set of questions through all 4 pillars towards higher leadership confidence. We will work on your individual challenge or provide close to reality scenarios.
2Who should attend?
  • Managers or Leaders, who struggle within their position and their influence over the team.
  • Managers or Leaders, who doubt, that their leadership skills are sufficient for being in this position.
  • Empowerment, Engagement, Competence or Organizational Developers or Builders.
  • Change Agents, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Engineering Managers.
3What is the duration?
This training takes 1 working day and is a highly interactive workshop, in which we will address the needs and current challenges from you as a leader.
4Am I getting certified?
Yes, the training qualifies for the Certification of Attendance by semdi solutions.
5Who will be the facilitator?
Chris Kruppa
Chris is a German working in Vietnam since 2008. He became passionate on Agile, when he started to implement Agile into his Marketing team 2010. He immediately saw the impact of cross-functional and transparent teams and became a CSM in 2011. He founded semdi solutions end of 2012 with the goal to coach teams on how to be more adaptive and ready for the 21st century. Since then, he has worked with more than 20 organizations in Southeast Asia and supported them in increasingly becoming more Agile.

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