Agile Team Enablement


Team Enablement is the self-organized ability of a team to establish a set of agreements and understandings for higher value and customer experience. In other words, it is about teams to agree on a working process. In order to achieve that, our Agile Coaches empower teams to understand self-organization and their own role.


Value Delivery

When Organizations usually measure their performance, they focus on how much they as a whole can deliver within a given time. They call this efficiency or productivity. In order to move forward as an organization, this assumes, that the product or service is the correct service for the correct market. 

However, in the 21st century, understanding the correct service for the correct market is not that obvious anymore. In order to improve the effectiveness, diverse teams working self-organized towards the delivery of the service is more important. Teams need to understand, what the customer value is and own the value.


Agility in Processes

Agility allows teams and organizations to adapt and react quickly to a fast-changing and constantly evolving environment. Understanding agility and using the Agile mindset to design the working agreements and processes within your teams will make the effectiveness and efficiency ready for the 21st century.


Scrum Framework

Scrum is the most used Agile process framework in the world. It is mostly sued for Product and Project Deliveries. It is elementary to understand and its approach to empirical decision-making with 3 roles, 5 events and 3 artefacts can be used in all environments.