The Individual agile Mindset start always first with "Me, Myself and I". Clarity on what Agile and its values and principles mean for me is one of the crucial first points in an Agile team. Therefore, organizations need to develop a supporting structure, which can help me to evaluate, what Agile means to me and how I am able to connect that back to what the organization understands under Agile. Some organizations use buddy or mentoring programs to have newcomers figure that out. Other organizations offer some test working possibilities, during which the newcomer is working for a certain amount of time, after which it is decided if there is a fit or not.

One of the biggest challenges of the individual Agile mindset, is not necessarily the fit between the company and the individual, but rather another relict from Taylorism: Focus on individual performance over Team performance. Because it is important to get your job done rather than working as a team (as the reward system is rather focusing on individual performance), the interest of activities outside the own specialty is declining. Why should an individual care about the work of others, if it has not much impact on the own delivery? The interest for embracing diversity decreases therefore.

In Agile, we do value the team result over the individual performance; therefore it is important for team coaches, Scrum Masters, team leads or just more senior members to embrace the result of a team and to ensure, that everyone is doing their best to help the team as a whole. History in business, but also in politics (e.g. Wars) have shown, that as a team or alliance, we always can achieve more than an individual. The more diversity we have, the more opinions, ideas and possibilities might be created. If we are working towards an Individual Agile mindset, it is important to understand, that we should not shoot down other opinions, but rather be empathetic to understanding opinions and ideas not of our own. If we do a sincere effort towards this, we can create new and probably better ideas because of everyone's idea. In the end, the goal of any individual in a team should not be about being right, but rather about being successful.

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