Agile Leadership helps existing and new leaders making sense of their new role in the new normal.


Leadership within: Increase Leadership Confidence

All leaders, especially when newly appointed from an "individual contributor" position, are often struggling to have the right confidence to understand the context or environment to make the best decisions or questioning their decisions. Lack of that confidence can lead to the effect of an impostor syndrome: Having the feeling that they do not deserve the place they are in. Therefore, in the end they try to appear better, instead of doing, what feels and probably is right. Our 4 Pillars address the confidence of leaders to increase their leadership capability.

Agile Leadership Practices

Agile Leadership practices provide ideas, tools and guidelines on how to create a self-organized team without losing control. It is mostly based on the Ideas of Management 3.0. Agile Leadership Practices are practical and usable from day one. All practices and tools are directed on the relationship of the leader with their teams.

Leadership Alignment

Believing their leadership capability and having the right tools to increase the self-organization is not enough, if leaders are not aligned with their teams on what is most important for them.
Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for leaders is the transparency of their vision & mission of each individual, who are part of teams. Finding Alignment on What Really Matters for everyone shows high transparency and mutual respect & trust, which are key for high-performant organizations.

Leadership Enablement

Leadership Enablement means to understand and work within the context of their organization to ensure that management and leadership activities are understood as collective and therefore providing the frame to reinforce leadership within the organization also bottom up.
Whereas leadership within is internal to the leader, leadership alignment about setting common goals, Agile Leadership Practices about the relationship to the followers, Leadership Enablement is about creating leaders within the team.

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