Every person has a different character, style, different competencies and handles leadership differently. This needs to be considered. With a tool like the Reiss Motivational Profiles, we can understand, what motivates the different people and therefore understand, which individual has which characteristics and how we can build up leadership capabilities for this person.

As organizations, we want diversity, as diversity helps us to be more resilient in complex environments. Therefore, as leaders we need to understand, what motivates us. The Reiss Motivation Profile not only makes motivation visible to the leaders; but also to the team members themselves. A well-defined personal leadership persona and what we would expect from ourselves to become great leaders will help us to define our own goals.

And then we as leaders can coach our team members, that they will be able to achieve their goal. As Coaches and Mentors our aim is not to provide the path, but to remove the impediments, the individual has in their path. A Coaching Culture within your team and organization can create an environment, in which everyone wants to help each other and achieve the best outcome as a team. A Coaching culture is not easy to achieve. It requires trust and psychological safety between the team and the leader. Approaching your manager or leader to discuss your difficulties in your job is not easy for everyone - especially in cultures, where failures are stigmatized. Creating a safe-to-fail environment is important.

Understanding that as a leader, we are not only responsible for the business outcome of our teams or departments, but also for the individual growth of each member will help us to understand, that we need to change the way we look at business. Instead of leading with the results, we should focus on the culture first. Every result in innovative or knowledge work is a consequence of the way we work together. For that, individual leadership capabilities will increase in ownership, autonomy and mastery orientation. The job of a leader therefore is not to follow up on results, but rather to set the environment which enables collaboration.

Servant Leadership is a way of how we behave as leaders, which helps to put the achievement of the others over your personal achievement. It is also about the confidence and vulnerability to be ok, if the team members might be as good as you or even better in some of the work they do. Therefore, the goal of Servant leadership is to build the foundations and the environment as well as manage the constraints for other people to succeed. Enabling other people to become aware about their motivation and then build as well as achieve their leadership persona, becomes one of the most rewarding feeling for leaders.

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