While working in our job, regardless of being a leader or an individual contributor, we often underestimate the influence we might have over our journey. Often, we believe, that our bosses or the C-level has the fate of our professional career in their hand, so mostly our job seems to be used to please them or to make "things happen" in the organization. This often leads, that we believe that our priorities, our task list or simply our mailbox or calendar, are in the hand of others instead of ourselves. This is not true because often it depends on how we align with others on what really matters for all of us, so we can define, what success means for all of us.

Often we believe that if we do many things, we have high productivity because we deliver a lot of output. But probably all of us have been in the situation, that we have worked a lot, did create a lot of noise, get many things done - but in the end, we still did not feel accomplished.

Personal Agility System is therefore a leadership framework, which can help to define for yourself, what really matters to you. Through a disciplined focus on your personal mission, the support through a personal coach and thanks to celebrate your accomplishments, the Personal Agility System can become the GPS to achieve your final destination of your journey.

Whereas the personal agility system was originally designed to help individuals to work on what really matters for them, the reality has shown, that often, the alignment between leaders and teams are the missing puzzle pieces to improve the team cooperation. Through alignment on understanding each other's real Goal (what really matters), developing team agreements or agreeing on certain outcomes within the next given timebox or timeframe, increases empathy for each other - another key to achieving a trustful cooperation.

With alignment and communication of common goals as well as increased collaboration towards a common success, the possibility for great teamwork and higher goals is higher. Leaders are becoming then less of a manager of certain outcomes, but rather a facilitator of self-organization and increased empowerment - other people might call that servant leadership.

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