Managment 3.0 Course Leaders and Managers describe Empowerment, Engagement and Motivation as their top priorities. In fact, science has shown, that teams are more engaged, if they have mastery, autonomy and purpose. Therefore, managers can achieve long term success, if they create self-organized teams with Management 3.0. If teams are self-organized, they are more engaged. In the end, they then feel the trust of their boss and make quick decisions themselves. But what is the role of the managers, if teams are supposed to be self-organized?

Management 3.0 is based on 5 principles with evolving practices, tools and activities. Those practices will support managers to create new ways of cooperation and collaboration. They also help tp make senese within the adaptive and complex environments around us.

When addressed about their challenges in their work, managers often start complaining about their team members. For example, team members are not open or they are not engaged. In fact, it is pretty easy to complain about other people and their lack of change initiative. Consequently, our own satisfaction suffers due to the inability of change.

Leadership: Change our attitude towards challenges

But it is obvious, we cannot change other people. We can change, however, how we react to the situation. Management 3.0, therefore, is about what we as managers can do to enable change and allow teams to self organize. However, Management 3.0 is not a new framework to follow; but a set of values with evolving practices tools and ideas to help make sense in challenging environments.

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