The 4 Pillars of Complexity Leadership

If we research organizations, which are successful on the market, we see, that there is a common theme about the attitude of the top leadership. Successful organizations usually treat their teams differently. Therefore, there must be a connection between how we treat people and the success of the organization. The attitude and mindset of the leader is one of the decisive factors for the organization's success. The 4 Pillars describe the behaviours a leader can follow to achieve such an organization.

Change your behaviour: 4 Pillars

Through literature research we realized, that there are 4 Pillars for leadership. Based on those, leaders can create more adaptive organization.

These 4 Pillars are:

  • Integrity or acting consistently and without compromise on the basis of your selected ethical principles and values.
  • Vulnerability or the willingness of being exposed to the possibility of being hurt or attacked from individuals or situations.
  • Empathy or the ability to feel your team’ specific challenges, concerns and emotions before making decisions.
  • Adaptability or the ability to anticipate when conditions around you change and being able to adjust to those changes.

Challenges of organizations today

The environment in which our organization navigates overwhelmes leaders of the 21st century constantly. The complexity around us is overwhelming. Therefore, sense-making of that constant change is important. But this is easier said than done. Competition always put us on pressure to deliver fast. Therefore we need to make sure, we are leading the pack.

We call the above mentioned overwhelming environment "leadership swamps". It is the image, which matches with the state we are in perfectly. Swamps are messy and chaotic. We are easily lost and stuck at the same time. Once you are in a swamp, it is hard to get out of it. Being able to recognize that you are in a swamp, therefore, is absolutely crucial.

The 3 Swamps of modern organizations

3 different developments responsible over the last centuryare responsible for those swamps:

  • Innovation: The advancement of technology or new services overwhelm traditional organizations and managers to make sense ad adapt quickly.
  • Generation: Different motivational drivers of different generations are a challenge. People today behave differently than in the past.
  • Globalisation: With the trend that we are not competing on nation, but on corporate level, organization need to make sense not what is happening in their home country but all over the world.

The above developments makes it difficult to create a trusting environment. When we are under pressure, stressed or just tired, we fall into making wrong or too quick decisions.

Our 4 Pillars, therefore, are a mental model to follow and to look up, whenever you are overwhelmed with the change happening around you. In conclusion: Follow the 4 Pillars for yourself and see how it might impact your environment for each other to trust.

Consulting Services for The 4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars of Agile Leadership will help leaders and managers to create more clarity, when they are faced with challenges which seem to be not solvable: How to cut costs without letting people go? How can we enter a new untapped market? We will facilitate you through our own exclusively workshop, so the leaders have clear actions to move on.

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