We support organizations in aligning towards a common goal for the whole organization, departments/divisions, functions/competences or even individual teams. By improving the organizational alignment, organizations will easier pull into the same direction and achieve a common goal, which over time will increase efficiency.


Organizational Agile

Most organizations see Agile as a way of working in the Software development or broader IT focus. This, because the original Manifest for Agile Software Development has been created by Software Engineers and Programmers. Nevertheless, recent years have seen the success using the Agile way of working also in the non-IT or SW development industry.


Purpose- & Value Driven Organization

The goal of the topic Purpose / Value-Driven Collaboration is to support organizations in communicating their true meaning and purpose. Often, the individual contributor of any organization is there to do a job. They rarely work in an organization, because of why the founder created the organization initially. Especially the Friedman-Doctrine unfortunately showed to organizations their true purpose: making Money. Science has shown, though, that individual contributors are more likely to become more productive and better at work, if they have fun and see their true purpose in their work.


Lean Portfolio Management

Often, organizations are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work, they need to accomplish. The bigger the organization, the more the service or product portfolio is overwhelming for them. As customers or stakeholders require the further development of each part of the portfolio, the organization is trying to accomplish too many things at the same time. Portfolio Management deals with the organization, planning and execution of all product or service initiatives within the organization. It includes strategic planning (e.g. roadmap), people and budget management. A Lean Mindset can help to focus on the important initiatives (instead of all).


Goal Settings & Performance Management

Organizations struggle between balancing creating higher purpose for their teams and individuals and also still improving their productivity and performance. Agile organizations focus more on the way of collaboration and cooperation and believe that this will lead to better results. That often does not help organizations with existing shareholders and customers, which often direct the strategy and goals for them. Organizations therefore want to know, how they can follow goals of their shareholders and their customers if the teams are supposed to be self-organized. Goal Settings & Performance Management therefore become mysterious within Agile organizations.


How we can help with Organizational Alignment

The Agile People Fundamentals Training helps HR professionals (or individuals, who are close to HR) to understand, why and what Agile is and gives them tools to build an Agile environment. It deals with the change of the role from HR professionals from an enforcer of polices to a facilitator and coach of the whole organization.
The Growing Culture module from Management 3.0 offers support and ideas on how organizations can define their desired culture, where the values are the guiding posts of this culture. Different activities, as described in the module, will help to align the whole organization towards the desired culture.
A workshop, which helps organization to understand, which their core, aspirational, accidental and permission-to-play values are and which ones, they should focus on to build within the organization.
The Work Expo is a practice from Management 3.0, in which organizations and team can (within a short time frame) can bring the values to life. By sharing the outcome of the Work Expo to each other, everybody participating will be understanding how others see the value and make sense of it for their environment, therefore being aligned in what to be achieved to get to the driven culture.
Community of Practices can support alignment for different specific topics, such as how can we create a more positive oriented company culture or how we can develop an Agile approach and make it more visible within the organization? As experienced Facilitators, we can support organizations to ensure, that the Community of Practice is happening and delivers the outcome as needed by the organizations.
The Meddler Game is a gamified activity, which helps to create a scaled version of the own organization and how to align visibility and transparency over the desired future state of the company. Through the gamification, the way of scaling the organization is emergently, pragmatically and empirically.
General Coaching is a sub-discipline of Professional Coaching, which uses the awareness of the coachee to make sense of the issues / challenges the organization has. As opposed to Executive Coaching, general coaching rarely comes from a need of the coachee, but rather from a need to solve challenges within their context. Coaching Activities will help to define a sustainable way of solving them as the coachee themselves fixes them. If required (and permitted) coaching can turn into Consulting, Mentoring or Teaching.
Executive coaching is an activity towards the top or highest leadership of any organizations. It is a sub-discipline of Professional Coaching, which uses the awareness of the coachee to make sense of the issues / challenges the organization has. Executive Coaching comes from a need of the Executive person as well as the desire of the person to get coached over consulted. Therefore, it requires us as a service provider to provide coaching observation and real coaching support.

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