Organizational Alignment


Organizational Alignment describes the unified communication to pull towards the same vision within the whole company. Only then, empowerment, self organization & proactivity is possible. Our Agile coaches support you to focus on alignment in your communication.


Value Organization

Every entrepreneur, founder, director, CEO or board member has a reason for the creation of their organization or is directed on the basis of a certain vision: The reason why the organization exists. Derived from their vision, organizations also describe their core values as a second step. While the vision is the north star of the organization, giving them direction, the core values  describe how they want to achieve that vision on a day to day basis. They are the organizational guideline for individuals and teams to base their decisions on.


Empower Teams

One key element for a new way of working are self organized, cross-functional and competent teams. In order to achieve this, it is usually not enough to just to tell the teams to self-organize. It is the role of the organization to ensure that teams are able to do this. We call this to empower teams: To enable and align the team towards problem solving, decision making and learning from failures.


Agile HR

The People or HR Department plays an important part in any change initiative such as changing the way of working to a modern adaptive environment. Therefore, if we look for more adaptive and agile ways of working, we need to ensure, that the members in this specific department understand, communicate and be able to carry out themselves, how Agility should work.