The HR Department plays an important part in any change initiative. If we change the way of working to a modern adaptive environment, HR professsionals need to be involved. Agile HR is more important in the 21st century, than ever. Therefore, if we look for more adaptive and agile ways of working, we need to ensure, that HR understand, communicate and be able to carry out themselves, how Agility should work.

We do not see the HR Department as a department, but rather a fundamental function. Traditionally HR Departments are set up to serve the organization by implementing the rules and policies of the top management. On the other hand, modern organizations start to see HR departments as critical towards implementing the values and vision of the organization.
And exctly this is how alignment happens: Role modeling and enforcing the values of the organization on a constant basis. If afterwards individuals have questions, everyone in the organization will be able and is empowered to give proper responses.

Leadership creates the frame of the empowered self organized environment. HR has the function to strengthen the frame. Therefore, if you are thinking about changing the way of working in your organization for more agility and digitization, it is crucial that HR is on board and supports the initiative. Above all that is where your team usually is heading to, if they have any question. Ensure, that they are also able to give the proper responses.

HR business partners as fundaments to Agile HR

Bigger organizations have started to make use of specific roles to support the delivery of value to customers faster. Those HR Business Partners are the sparring partners within the value stream and represent the HR functionalities. With a fundamental understanding of the new way of working, they are playing the key role in your change initiative.

Consulting Services for Agile HR

In a customized training for the members in your HR team, we will share foundations, practices, tools, experiences and examples on what Agile HR means for them and what next steps they could do to achieve higher agility. Therefore, our training on Agile recruitment will help the HR team to recruit better newcomers.
An experienced coach will be the sparring partner for the members in your HR team to address all the challenges they will have when going Agile HR. In this conversations for instance, the coach creates more clarity for the team.
We help to facilitate workshops on creating, reinforcing or re-evaluating your core values and how they fit to the culture, you desire.

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