A value organization is the first step on inspiring and empowering teams. Therefore, there is a reason for every every entrepreneur, founder, director, CEO or board member to have those. Usually, the values derive from the vision: The reason why the organization exists. While the vision is the north star of the organization, the core values describe how they want to achieve that vision on a daily basis. Consequently, values are the organizational guideline for individuals and teams to base their decisions on. 

Acting based on what you believe in

Organizations usually hang or paint these valuesto the office walls. Sometimes they repeat them at their all-hands or townhall meetings. But not the values hanging on walls or repeated in the communications are the real values of the organization.

We decide on the values we want to act upon on a daily basis. And external factors heavily influence them. It is the quality of our sleep or how the way to work treats us. We all know such situations: When we feel stress, it is easy to lash out to our team members. That reaction is natural, but rarely proof of our values.

Consequently, written values on the wall are only effective if  leaders set a role model on how to behave. Interactions and negotiations in the daily cooperation within teams, determine the values of our organization. Therefore, it is impossible to convince your team members in discussions to buy in on your values. It is the way we cooperate with this person on a daily basis that sets the example for them. It is the consistency of our actions.

Your value organization starts with "why"

The natural way of an organization to decide on its values is mostly inspired by the activities the organization provides. According to Management consultant Simon Sinek, this sounds like a logical way to communicate about the organization: We describe what we do and convince people to buy into our idea by showing how we are different from our competitors.

But naturally this is not how people are convinced by an idea. We base our best decisions in our life mostly on our gut feeling. Our gut feeling is related to the values we want to embrace. Therefore, it is important for organizations not to focus on what activities they provide, but rather why the organization exists. Above all, this way is how the organization will speak to the individuals and is more likely to inspire them to do the best for this organization.

Consulting Services for Value Organization

Our coaches support your organization to create or rethink your organizational culture involving the whole team. With this approach the facilitators focuses on doing the first step towards a desired culture in your value organization..
"Values & Culture" is one of the main modules in Management 3.0. Therefore, during the training the participant will learn about different practices on how to grow and maintain a desired culture based on values.
We analyze your culture and values, check if the organizational behaviour is matching with the desired culture. As a result of this, there will be a report with suggested actions to direct the organization towards the desired values & culture.
With Executive Coaching we ensure, that Directors, Managers & Leaders are role modeling the values. With this approach we support them to provide the guard rails to frame the desired culture within their context and aligned with their peers.

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