Agile Coaches are often recognized as the Agile police, which is standing behind each team and micromanage them on following a pre-defined process based on a framework such as Scrum or SAFe. 

Too often, Agile Coaches are experts in a specific framework, but lack the understanding of team dynamics, Systems and complexity. It is time for Agile Coaches to facilitate change over indoctrinating a framework.

Challenges for Agile Coaching

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Learn and practice the foundations of Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring, Facilitating and Consulting Agile Ways of Working. Support your or your customer's organization to become more effective in your introduction of Agility.


Experiences Agile Coaches are often more impactful for the organization if they are standing on the sideline - similar to a football coach. They discuss and agree on the tactics of making change, but empower the teams and individuals to actually implement it. Their value therefore does not come from only the detailed knowledge of a certain framework, but much more from the knowledge of the organizational context and the dynamics within the company.

They do not start as experts in the business domain. However, an Agile Coach, who collaborates closely with an organization, will understand it.

AcademyAcademy for Agile Coaches - To develop experienced and practical oriented Agile Coaches, which help organizations sustainably in their effort towards higher agility, we created our academy program accompanying students on a year-long journey. Read more.

WorkshopIndividual Coaching Journey - We coach, mentor, advise and train your Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters on their quest to increase the understanding of their role in the organization as a leadership role and equip them with practices and tools to support your teams to higher performance. READ MORE

FacilitationGroup Companion - Support one or more teams, communities, or platforms closer by attending their meetings / events and giving detailed feedback to the key team members (e.g., Scrum Masters) on how to improve their way of working and processes. READ MORE

FacilitationYour Agile Community - We help your organization in the development of a so-called Agile community, which role is to define and implement the standards, practices, and tools of the Agile Way of Working in your organization. READ MORE

WorkshopFacilitating Change - 3-Day Workshop directed to internal Agile Coaches or Scrum Masters to upskill their Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting competences. READ MORE

KeynoteRole of Agile Coaches in organization - A keynote for a company retreat, an Agile community outing, a brown bag lunch, town hall or all hands, to introduce what people often misunderstand on Agile Coaching and how to go into the right direction.

Customized Journey Customized Coaching & Facilitation Journey - We are happy to develop a customized development journey for increased coaching or facilitation capability  with a mix of Mentoring, Retreats, Coaching, and Workshops based on your needs.


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