Being a mature contributor to a self-managing organization means accepting the fact that your voice doesn’t need to be in every decision. Once you start optimizing for org success and not your own ego things get easier.

Sam Spurlin


In many organizations, coaching towards new ways of working or to an Agile transformation is often seen as an exclusive circle: The Agile PMO, the Center of Agile excellence or other forms are often just supporting the board and the CEO to impose new ways of working as desired by the top leadership.


With our support, the community of practice will be a voluntary-based community, in which we use the agile values and principles to support everyone in the organization towards higher agility and resilience.


A real community of practice is not an established exclusive circle for supporting top leadership on executing their wishes. It is rather a dynamically established cross-functional team with a shared interest. Members of a community are not assigned, but members volunteer for that.

Therefore, the role of communities is not to impose ways of working, but to support the whole organization in their understanding of context and provide a repository of tools, practices, or behaviors for each member. Communities are not about establishing and following rules, but coaching the organization towards higher effectiveness.

We support establishing your Agile community and ensure an effective start by facilitating the first sessions as a temporary acting Scrum Master or even Product Owner for the community. All efforts will be documented within the organizational documentation tool to ensure a smooth transition for an internal facilitator of the Agile community.

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