Product Owner Marketing & Administration

If you see yourself in the below description, we need to hear from you. Do NOT send us your CV, but rather send us a short description (max 200 Words) with your own words, who you are and why you are the right person to work for us.

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Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam


Marketing & Implementation Team






Preference for undergraduate qualifications in Communications, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration or other related disciplines




2 years experience working in customer service, a high desire to learn more, act proactively within the organization and posess great discipline to also self-study


Full time

Additional Job Requirements

  • The PO is asked to actively communicate and work with clients and carry out the activities required by clients
  • The PO is an ambassador for the organization and therefore, additionally, asked to lead and coordinate media and external communication material in the topics relevant for the organization.
  • Effective communication/interpersonal skills with people at all levels, especially including ability to use tact, diplomacy and persuasiveness.
  • Employ problem analysis and solving.
  • Ability to work independently, set priorities and be supportive to all team members when needed.
  • Strong planning and organisation skills.
  • Excellent listening, written and verbal communication.
  • The ability to influence via written communications as well as verbally
  • Comfortable writing for digital channels and able to assist in the management company website
  • Excellent spoken and written English and German.

Other Benefits

  • Dynamic working environment and high impact on other organization and therefore also other people’s lives
  • Opportunity to actively engage and impact the further development of a growing organization
  • Travel opportunities domestically and internationally for assignments
  • Huge possibilities to grow personally within the organization with more and more responsibilities

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