Management was invented over 100 years ago. And until today, we still manage individuals, teams, and organizations with the same principles in mind.

But the world is different now. It is time to change our approach from managing tasks to leaderships within teams.

Leadership Challenges today

Develop Leaderships for the 21st Century


If we understand Leadership as a collective responsibility, we can create more resilient systems and teams being able to an ever-changing environment. Agile helps us to get there.


In an environment with decreasing stability and predictability, our approach to leadership needs to be drastically changed.  It is increasingly more difficult for decision makers to develop skills and tools to keep everyone individually motivated and aligned anywhere, any time.

All our programs promote leadership to be shared across the organization, where members take responsibility for their actions in agreed frameworks of collaboration, accountability, and trust.

Keynote What is Agile Leadership - Introduction into the principles of Leadership in the 21st century and what first steps an organization and its leaders can take to get started.

WorkshopAgile Leadership Introduction - 2-4 hour Workshop for Director level or above to understand the scientific foundations and principles of agile in organizations. READ MORE

WorkshopManagement 3.0 Foundations - 2-Day Workshop introducing the Change Management & Leadership principles behind Management 3.0 and why it is the status quo for 2qst century leadership. READ MORE

Workshop4 Pillars of Authentic Leadership - 1-Day Workshop for existing as future managers and laaders developing the individual mindset & skills to be ready to lead teams in the 21st century. READ MORE

WorkshopIndividual Leadership Journey - Individual Coaching, Mentoring and advising sessions, in which the individual understand and apply leadership competences. READ MORE

FacilitationLeadership Retreats - We facilitate your next Leadership Retreat to develop your strategy, announce changes, kick-start your Agile transformation or to just bond as leaders closer by developing the agenda and facilitating a productive and sustainable result. READ MORE

Customized Journey Customized Leadership Development Journey - We are happy to develop a customized leadership development journey for you and your leaders as a mix of Mentoring, Retreats, Coaching, and Workshops based on your needs.


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