Leadership for "the new Normal"

Complexity and uncertainty in a post-pandemic world has imposed new challenges on leaders and managers.

We offer proven leadership programs, which help leaders to be ready for all the challenges for the 21st century. Through the mix of training for internal leadership authenticity, practical tools and ongoing coaching, leaders of the 21st century receive a comprehensive understanding of building high-performance teams despite the challenges of hybrid work environment.

1. Build Leadership Authenticity
Our science-driven approach focuses on the 4 Pillars of authentic leadership. In our 4 Pillar Training, leaders will receive an understanding of how leadership in the 21st century and how they can embark on their journey for their own leadership capabilities.
2. Apply Agile Leadership practices
Management 3.0 is a worldwide leadership and change management movement, which equips leaders with practical tools to create a better managed team with less management.
3. Ongoing Coaching Program
Through the trainings, leaders receive knowledge and tools on what to do as leaders in the 21st century. The ongoing 1-1 Coaching enables the leaders for more clarity on their own journey and develops a self-reflective process on how to use that acquired knowledge into their daily work.
Desired Results
More confident leaders create a higher trustful environment, which is the basis for high-performance teams. Through our program, leaders will be able to understand and deal with each variety in their leadership journey.

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Our public Leadership Trainings

Interested in only parts of the program? We offer our leadership program also individually bookable:

Sign up for one of our Management 30 Training and get Certified for Agile Leadership Practices.

Currently, we are not offering any public trainings/workshops for this category. Please contact us via mail, if you want to be informed via future trainings/workshops or if you are interested in in-house workshops exclusively for your team.

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Chris Kruppa

Agile Facilitator, Coach & Founder