The age of digital has changed the marketing industry sustainably. While the success of specific traditional ad campaigns was hard to measure and their strategic decision was only based on metrics within total revenue numbers, new digital digital marketing campaigns have given us the opportunity to evaluate success almost immediately. With the correct setup of new digital campaigns, we know for each generated customer exactly which campaign they came from as well as what message convince them to buy.

Digital Cmapaigns managed by professionals

In order for campaigns to be successful the correct strategic decision is important, why this campaign was created. Most organisations operating in more traditional industries fail to understand that digital campaigns are not only designed to convert leads into sales, but can have many reasons. Like traditional advertising campaigns digital campaigns can also have the goal to increase awareness or to build strategic partnership which can help in the long run.

The biggest advantage of digital campaigns such as ad campaigns, e-mailings, social media (such as bot development) or similar is that the success can be measured almost without effort. But it is important to understand why this campaign was chosen in order to really know about its success.