Agile Leadership Practices

Management 3.0 offers a wide variety of principles and practices to support Managers for high-performance teams.

  16 May - 18 May 2024     Ho Chi Minh City


What ultimate constraints the performance of your organization is not its operating model, nor its business model, but its management model. - Gary Hamel

Management 3.0 distinguishes itself by not being a rigid framework but rather a set of principles centered around Agile Leadership Practices, boasting a community of over 100,000 Certified Attendees. In our workshop, we emphasize the following:

Keep members from becoming demotivated

Create common understandings of shared work

Align constraints with shared values

Build team structures for Learning

Grow organizational structures 

Change the system sustainably

This 3-Day workshop consists of 2 days Certified Management 3.0 Foundations Workshop and an additional day for an Open Space to address and find solutions to your challenges.


What you will learn

    • Learn about the backgrounds of Management and why traditional management is not as effective in most environnments today.
    • Experience the complexities of today's dynamic markets and which guidelines will help you to navigate it.
    • Learn how you can use the existing motivations in your team to increase team engagement and avoid demotivation.
    • Explore how delegation is not a top-down tool to empower, but increases transparency of work and how you can involve everyone.
    • Learn how your organization's culture is a shadow of your behavior and what you can do to address it.
    • Understand and address the competence in your team and how to sustainably keep learning.
    • Understand the different market and team dynamics to find the ideal organizational structures.
    • Improve organizational change management - not by imposing change, but by inviting for it and addressing the system.
    • Learn from and share your experiences with other Managers in Ho Chi Minh City in our Open space.

    Why you should join

    Chris Kruppa

    Faiclitator with over 10 years experience

    Chris has worked for more than 11 years with organizations in Southeast Asia in Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Agile Ways of Working and Leadership Coaching.

    Companies, we worked with

    • Unilever Logo
    • cho Tot Logo
    • TinyPulse
    • Louis Motorradshop
    • Inspectorio
    • Codelink
    • vSource
    • vincere
    • Intek Institute

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      16 May - 18 May 2024     08:00 - 18:00
      Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, 88 Dong Khoi, District 1



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    VND 15,000,000.00
    Attending the Open Space on 18 May, 2024
    excluding VAT. Join us for only the third day and address the issues in your organization in an Open Space Format.
    VND 5,500,000.00
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