Gamified Learning

Make Learning as addictive as your favorite game.


A unique learning experience for your organization


Imagine an organization, in which everyone wants to contribute to its success because it is fun to do so. Our open-Source Learning management Framework XPloreLMS helps your organization in making it fun.


Workshop Facilitation


Learning & Development

Employee Engagement

Organizational Development

XPLoreLMS - the Dungeons & Dragons for learning


Dungeons & Dragons is a famous Role-playing Game for family & friends. We use the same concepts for your organization to ensure an engaging experience for your whole organization.


Immerse into unique worlds full of adventures and challenges. 

Create Character Classes to strengthen your skills and stay engaged.

Achieve aspirational outcomes by defeating evil adversaries.

Learn, Engage, Onboard or Improve as a team through chapters and quests.

Increase the influence of everyone by providing special items or inventory

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XPloreLMS is an Open-Source Learning Framework. You can use it for free as long as you refer and link back to this page.


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XPloreLMS by semdi solutions Co., Ltd. is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0