Scrum & Agile Coaching for Software teams

Scrum & Agile Coaching for Software teams

“Semdi worked for 2 years directly with our software teams to ensure the correct implementation of all Scrum practices as a Trainer, Scrum Master and Coach. He made an impact by improving the deliveries at every end of the sprint as well as helped us evaluate and implement a team lead program. Chris was engaged with all levels in across the organization and took care to include our organization’s values within his teaching.” –
Dave Hajdu, Head Of Product Development of TinyPulse

We helped TinyPulse kickstarting their agile endeavour by using best practices in each Scrum team for improved implementation of Scrum. We started the cooperation by assessing the agile adoption in the company on a regular basis. Based on the outcome of the assessment, we conducted trainings and coachings of the Scrum masters and leads..

Starting as an interim Scrum coach, we helped the team to get best practices and the correct usage of the Scrum tools into place and afterwards coached the Scrum masters in order to sustainably improve the cooperation and work environment. We audited the implementation of Agile frameworks and its progress the year after in order to create and implement a list of activities for an overview of what can be improved. We also assessed, introduced and coached for a newly introduced teamleader program as well as trained the newcomers in the fundamentals  of Scrum and Agile.

We initially assessed the Scrum implementation and gave feedback on what and how to improve. We re-assessed the implementation a year after to see and evaluate the improvement.

We worked directly with key people and consulted them on a regular basis on several initiatives.

We held several trainings for existing and new members in Leadership, Agility and Scrum.

We worked directly with Scrum Masters and guided them on their journey to improve the effectiveness of the teams.

We started initially as an in interim Scrum Master, in which we focused on delivering working results at the end of the sprint as well as create an environment of improving and other Scrum Masters to learn from role modeling.