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Scrum / Agile / Lean Coach at

“semdi have been providing organisational development consulting and agile coaching to our company for over 1 year. Chris made an immediate impact upon joining, restored team spirit and helped us to put a working process in place. Over the longer term, he continued to coach our teams to promote a transparent culture focused on continuous learning. Chris is a passionate leader who genuinely cares for our team members and the work that we are doing.” – James Galvin, Founder of

We implemented a new process for better cooperation between the software development and product management teams. Constant coaching of the teams to continuously improving the process.

We started with an initial discussion with the founder, CEO and president of the company and initially advised an approach how to tackle the challenges as a first basis. Later we did a short audit by interviewing 4 developers/product people in order to understand current issues. The result of the analysis was a report with outcomes of the observation divided into observations, which need to change, need to be observed or need to be maintained.
Out of these observations we suggested an approach for better cooperation between the product management and the software team as well as restructuring the software team. We introduced the change with a first workshop for the development team (half day) and for the product team (2 days).

In the first months we observed the Scrum events and made minor adjustments. As there were basic problems with tools from Scrum, we increased our involvement with the support and cooperation of the CEO, who took an active role in developing the product roadmap.

In January 2017 we restarted the sprint and were participating in all events to ensure the correct execution and coached the individuals in the product team as well as the Scrum master.

At the moment we support them with regular meetups and coaching sessions in order to work on the details in leadership and communications to increase sustainability of our interventions.