Agile Applied Remote Workshop Series
Agile and Scrum have been proven successful mostly in Software Development and IT environments. Therefore, many organizations are still doubtful on the implementation of Agile ways of weorking into their organizations if they are not in an It environment. This workshop will address values, principles and myths within Agile, which should help non-it organization to embrace Agile in their organization.

Most trainings and workshops on Agile are built based from the point of view of IT and Software development. Therefore, some organizations and individuals find the implementation around Agile difficult and not very feasible.

This Online Workshop Series focuses on the implementation of Agile values, principles and foundations in teams and organizations which are not predominantly software related. We will look in that workshop on the reasons, why and when Agile can be helpful for a team - even if it is not in an IT or software environment.  Learn in this 6 session with each 2 hours, what values and principles will be helpful in your context and discover practices which will help you in your context of Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Sales or Operations.


1What is the Content?
  • The World of Complexity
  • Demystifying Agile - What Agile is not
  • Different Agile Manifesto with their values and principles
  • Different Ways of Implementing Agile
  • The Key Elements of Agile: Planning as an activity
  • The Key Elements of Agile: Review & Reflection
  • The Key Elements of Agile: Continuous Improvement
  • The Key Elements of Agile: Transparency
  • The Key Elements of Agile: Roles vs. Functions
  • 4 Implicit Concepts in Scrum
2Who should attend?
  • Any individual, who have heard about Agile or Scrum and is interested to learn more
  • Any individual tasked with introducing an Agile way of working into the own organization and looks for ways to kick-start
  • Any individual, who does not believe, that Agile will help in their context..
3What is the duration?
This course takes 6 weekly sessions with each 2 hours. There will be homework assigned.
4Am I getting Certified?
Yes, the training qualifies for the Certification of Attendance by semdi solutions.

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