Agile Leadership Practices with Management 3.0 – Redefining Leadership
There are a lot of management models and theories out there and they all sound great. The problem is that there’s a lot of theory, which we don’t always know how to implement in practical terms. For example, what can you do concretely on a Tuesday afternoon to work better with your colleagues? People need actionable advice, things they can start doing next week. That’s where our Agile Leadership Practices Training comes in.

Leaders and Managers describe Empowerment, Engagement and Motivated team members as one of their top priorities. Individuals are more engaged and empowered, if they are self-organized. Too often, Management in an organization is focused on managing the individuals. That approach leads to an individual relationship and rarely develops into a team-based cooperation. This Agile Leadership Practices are about teams as diverse systems to respond to the complex environment companies are in.

This course is the official 2-day Management 3.0 Foundations Course with practices, tools and games to address redefined leadership in the 21st century. Moreover, we offer ONE extra day, in which we address all open challenges, participants have right now in their organization. We will explore additional practices and connect those practices with our challenges, so that all participants go back to the office with some solution ideas. With the access to our growing community, the participants can also share their challenges, ideas and how they do things with other participants of our trainings.


1What is the Content?
  • Complexity Thinking – how does a complex system work and how can we make sense in an ever-changing environment?
  • Management and Leadership – the evolution of Management form Taylorism to System Management.
  • Energize People – How to motivate your team and keep them engaged in the system?
  • Empower People – Delegate Responsibilities to empower your team.
  • Align Constraint – Grow the right culture with consistent behaviour towards your values.
  • Develop Competence – Competent teams consist of individuals with high competence. How to develop that?
  • Grow Structure – Find the right structure to scale your organization
  • Improve Everything – How experimentation and learning from success and failures help you for continuous improvement
  • The Open Space will address all the open challenges, problems and ideas and more we have not yet discussed in the first 2 days.
2Who should attend?
  • Any individual, who is at the moment or in the near future in any form of a transformation or change project – Agile transformation or Digitization
  • Any individual, who has implemented Agile, Scrum or Lean into their organization.
  • Any individual, who was challenged by the introduction of Agile techniques or frameworks into their organization.
  • Managers, who believe, that their team members are not working effectively or efficiently.
  • Managers, who want to get more done, but do not know how.
  • Empowerment, Engagement, Competence or Organizational Developers or Builders
  • Change Agents, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Engineering Managers
3What is the duration?
This training takes 3 days: The first two days cover the foundations training by Management 3.0. The third day will be run as an Open Space in which we will discuss and cover all your topics, we did not have the time for.
4Am I getting Certified?
Yes, the training qualifies for the Certification of Attendance by Management 3.0.

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