Scrum Jumpstart

Learn Scrum, the most used Agile approach in Software Development, in an interactive way with the fundamentals of Scrum and some of the non-Scrum supporting practices. Although, Scrum is used mostly in Software Development context, this training is designed also for non-Software industries.


"Scrum is easy to understand, but hard to master." - Many individuals, who have tried to implement Scrum into their team or organization would agree with that sentence.

This 1-day workshop therefore is designed to not only repeat the theories behind Scrum, but rather to learn Scrum in an interactive way by following a project throughout the day. In this workshop, we will apply the principles of Scrum itself, which gives the participants not only the knowledge about Scrum, but also know exactly how to start implementing it the next day after this training.



1What is the Content?
  • The Agile Manifesto & Empiricism and the Scrum Flow
  • 5 Values of Scrum
  • 3 Roles of Scrum
  • 5 events of Scrum
  • 3 Artefacts of Scrum
  • Scrum supporting practices
2Who should attend?
  • Any individual, who is at the moment part of a transition to Scrum.
  • Any individual, who has implemented Scrum and want to improve it.
  • Any individual, who was challenged by the introduction of Scrum.
  • Scrum Masters and Product Owners, who like to think out of the box.
  • Change Agents, Agile Coaches, Engineering Managers
3What is the duration?
This training takes 1 days from 9am to 5.30pm.
4Am I getting Certified?
Yes, the training qualifies for the Certification of Attendance by semdi solutions.

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