Many organisations complain and struggle with recruiting and maintaining fitting staff in their organisation. This often leads to the sub optimal solution of key positions in the organisation being kept open until the right person is found. Vietnam as a talent pool market has increased within its economic advancements, but in general, companies are still racing against each other for best talent until universities, vocational and on-the-job training improves significantly. Interim-Management could be an option.

Having an open spot on key positions can be hazardous for any organisation – especially in an environment which still values hierarchical structures and team members expect to have a manager and leader hoping to step up to support the whole team as soon as it gets difficult or challenging.

Focus on finding the right person, we support you with Interim-Management

Finding and creating leaders will take time and will take focus away from core activities in small but fast growing organisations. We therefore support organisations to take a job part or full time within the organisation. Be it a scrum master, product owner, engineering director, R&D lead or a chief marketing officer, we are leading your team to embrace the values of empathy, transparency, integrity and learning. We will continuously synch with the board members in the organisation in order to constantly live and lead by the values the organisation wants to embrace.

Being ad-interim within your organisation will additionally help us to understand and know your team better – ultimately helping you to spot any leadership talent already within your organisation and develop that person toward becoming a leader.

The biggest advantage of an external ad-interim key role within your organisation is the opportunity to shift your focus temporarily on areas in your organisation currently more important than talent acquisition or at least to buy you the time to find the right person sustainably.

We support you by being an ad-interim leader so you can focus on your core functionalities in the organisation instead of hiring. Additionally you will get a good feeling of the right talent within or outside of your organisation.