During an assessment we will visit the company’s and team’s meetings. During those visits we will additionally identify a group of members out of the teams, which we believe are a good average of the personality and seniority within the organisation and who we will interview based on a set of standardised questions. On top of those interviews we will schedule meetings with key individuals in the organisation, where we will discuss the key issues they see within the organisation.

The goal of these activities is to identify patterns and a set of behaviours that signal the understanding and status of the organisation in terms of their team, product and their position in the market.

The outcome of the assessment

The outcome of the assessment will be a list of observations, which will be structured within the following 5 categories:

  • System / Management
    How does the overall organisational system and the management / leadership embrace learning.
  • Teamwork / Cooperation
    How do teams work together? Are they giving feedback to each other? Are teams dominated by leads / managers?
  • Enthusiasm / Identification
    Do the teams identify with the vision and values of the organisation and are they enthusiastic about working at the organisation?
  • Responsibility / Self organisation
    Do the team members feel responsible for the work and do they organise themselves to improve the product?
  • Bravery / Innovation
    Is the organisation brave enough to consistently innovate?

Traffic Lights

All observations are evaluated with traffic lights according to their nature:

  • Green Light
    Keep doing – observations which do embrace learning.
  • Yellow Light
    Keep observing – observations which are not necessarily against learning, but are highly variable and might change their nature with minor influences.
  • Red Light
    Change now – observations which are against a learning organisation and need to be changed.

The Definition of Awesome describes a set of roles and process elements that we believe will establish a desired state of agile transformation within the organisation. It focuses on the individuality of each organisation and is designed to be pragmatic instead of dogmatic.

Definition of Awesome

The Report will end with a prioritised list of suggested activities, which have the goal to achieve the Definition of Awesome. Such activities might include:

  • Different forms of training such as fundamental team training, leadership introduction or more specific trainings on how to increase visibility or why and how to estimate the work.
  • Coaching / mentoring of individuals to be more effective and efficient as team coach, product manager or a leader
  • Workshops on developing improved team agreements such as definition of ready and done or work out an improved process for quality assurance, roadmap planning or product development.
  • In case the organisation is short on some key roles we will suggest an ad-interim solution to cover those.


Before you can improve something, you need to know where you are now. The Assessment gives you an initial overview and clear actions on how you can improve.