Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Consultants focus on what needs to be improved within the organisation by analysing and embedding solutions to counter certain problems the organisations have. It should not stop right there: Coaching & Mentoring focus on the desired solution by making key members aware of why the solutions will work.

Coaching & Mentoring as a sustainable change solution

Initiating transformational change via coaching & mentoring might take longer than with only consultancy. But it has been proven that change is more sustainable, if the key members understand why a certain outcome should be achieved instead of just following a list of activities.

We work together with key people in your organisation; help them to understand the need to change the way they do their every day’s work and then change it with them.

We support your key team members to understand the need and the content of transformational change.

We coach your team so that they understand the values of facilitation.

We coach your coaches in order for them to initiate sustainable change.