Every strategic and operational masterplan needs to have followed activities in its development. This could include developing the digital strategy or a new company website, building a digital product or executing marketing activities. Especially if the organisation plans to invest into a new business area, which is not completely within the core business, it might be too costly to recruit and develop a team being able to carry out the activities. Hiring freelancers is often considered risky as there are questions about intellectual property or freelancer availability – even after they committed. We often hear about companies being unable to carry out the activities fast enough or suddenly vanishing altogether. Therefore we support you in the implementation of your strategies.

We curate our own network to help you carry out the implementation of the activities as planned

This may include:

  • Development of a software product you would like to invest in such as an online platform or a mobile app.
  • Web development, maintenance, support and improvement of your website
  • Managing and maintaining your e-commerce webshop
  • Planning and executing your digital campaigns such as e-mail newsletters, social media management, AdWords ad campaign creation and curation, content marketing creation, microsites development for landing page etc.
  • Creating, maintaining, understanding and improving online Key Performance Indicators

"Do, what you can do best and outsource the rest". Focus on your core activities and rely on our experience and knowledge with working in a diverse team to implement strategical decisions successfully.