Initiating organisational change or transformation does not fail because of unwilling participation of the key people involved but rather because fundamental knowledge is missing in order to carry out the change. Often, reading a book or online information of a desired state is not enough, but experience in the implementation of such change is important. Training can support you to start an understanding of the fundamentals.

Training as a tool to inspire and empower change

Such a basic event helps the involved key people to get an understanding of why the change to the desired state is necessary and what the next steps will involve.

We can support you on giving ideas, tools, frameworks within those areas based on the individual needs of your organisation. We provide training for your organisation in close cooperation with your organisation but based on agile values – only for key personnel or for the whole organisation.


At the moment, we are offering the following trainings:

22 - 23

Management 3.0 Foundations Training


CirCO Event Space @H3 Building
384 Hoang Dieu
Ho Chi Minh City
This event is fully booked!

27 - 30

Management 3.0 Foundations Training @the Beach


Location to be defined
coming soon
Mui Ne Beach

We help your team to understand the fundamentals of the new transformational ideas.