We help to "create organizations that matter" by making good teams great with the Agile mindset and support them to deliver the best product or service to the market through higher effectiveness, alignment, leadership skills and team enablement.



Workshops help you to make learnings visible and transform them into your actions and processes in the company. We guide your participants through workshops related to Agile and help them to ensure, that the knowledge is always applicable
We usually offer a workshop after our in-house trainings, so the knowledge is applied an internalized.


Trainings give the organizations, teams and individuals common knowledge and ensures, that everybody involved is aligned in their knowledge. Organizations usually are built upon individuals with different experiences and different knowledge. The agile way is practices differently from company to company. With trainings, we ensure, that this knowledge is aligned and that simple reasons for misunderstansings, for example different understanding of certain context is addressed and removed.


Through our work and involvement with more than 20 companies all over the world, we have seen different implementations, ideas and approaches. We have gained valuable experiences and new knowledge, which helps us to see, what it takes to create organizations that matter. Through consulting, we advise organizations on their journey with our experiences and knowledge and support them making sense in their own environment.

Coaching & Mentoring

To be resilient and adaptive in the 21st century, knowledge is often not enough. It requires looking at things differently, challenge the current conditions and also sometimes to try something, never tried before.  With Coaching & Mentoring, we support individuals and groups to help to understand them in their journey and guide them into finding a new way of making sense in their environment.

Our Approach


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