Overcoming Change Fatigue

Change your approach to change through improved coaching and facilitation instead of imposing.



Change is difficult! We often fail in our change initiatives as we impose our desired change. If we invite, instead, change becomes natural.

Shared Vision

Don't create a vision, but keep your teams motivated by listening to their visions and make any Change a natural consequence.

Team Learning

Make people care by innovatively creating structures and environments, where disagreements don't create friction, but innovation.

Open Spaces

Value the input from your organization by using the Open Space format. Unearth challenges and insights coming from the whole organization.

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Our products & Services for Increasing Coaching Capabilities

  • Community of Practices: Enhance coaching and facilitation competencies through our vibrant community. LEARN MORE.
  • Open Space or Lean Coffees: Instead of imposing any change on your team, give them a voice through a Facilitated Open Space.
  • Agile Coaches or Scrum Master Clinics: Provide your team a psychological safe environment with moderated sessions for Coaches and Scrum Masters to improve and learn.
  • Leadership Development: Organizations do not need Agile Coaches, if they invest in the interactions of the teams. LEARN MORE.
  • Organizational Design: Overcome hierarchy structures, but rather build a design around your value streams and influence.
  • Offsite Retreats: To think outside the box, it may help to be outside the box. Facilitated Retreats in Offsite settings help to focus on important initiatives.
  • Gamification with XPloreLMS: Make change fun and emergent by creating a game supporting your teams to embrace the change. LEARN MORE.
  • Agile Leadership Workshop: Elevate leadership skills with Management 3.0 practices. LEARN MORE.

Companies, we worked with

  • Unilever Logo
  • cho Tot Logo
  • TinyPulse
  • Louis Motorradshop
  • Inspectorio
  • Codelink
  • vSource
  • vincere
  • Intek Institute

Outcomes from our Coaching approach

  • Shared Understanding of common values and making culture visible.
  • Improved team performance through more positive interactions in the teams.
  • Clearer aligned teams through improved collaboration.
  • Increased Coaching Capabilities and Practices within the organization.
  • Improved Leadership Collaboration with increased transparency
  • Challenges and Insights visible and solution approaches facilitated.
  • Sustainable Change Initatives


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