You don't need leaders for leadership

We often rely on "leaders" to build our organization. But that creates dependence, hero-culture and compliance. Leadership is not people, it is the effect of interactions between people.


Focus on creating systemic leadership

Positive Interactions

It is proven that you do not need to have the best people for the best environments. It is how people interact and collaborate within the team.

Authentic Behavior

We trust individuals as the saviors for high-performance. But trust cannot be granted; it is the consequence of authentic behavior.


Top Down Visions need alignment and can build compliance; sharing a common set of values and beliefs lead to commitment and enrollment.

Team Behavior

Understanding Team Dynamics and Systemic Behavior is key for improving performance. Get rid of Performance plans and focus on leadership behavior.

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Our products & Services for 21st century leadership

  • Adaptive, resilient and self-organized organizations with our Learning Organization Workshop. LEARN MORE.
  • Developing an understanding of systemic behavior in your organization for everyone with our Management 3.0 practices. LEARN MORE.
  • Change from Command & Control to Systemic Leadership, with an ongoing Leadership Development Program focusing on Changed Behavior in daily working. LEARN MORE.
  • Build Leadership capabilities within your organization with increased authentic behavior through the 4 Pillars Workshop. LEARN MORE.
  • Increase the capability of your teams and authority figures to understand personal mastery, listen towards shared vision and improve team learning.
  • Get rid of Mental models which do not allow for understanding of systemic and fix on rules and policies to build commitment.
  • Open Space or Offsite Facilitation to analyze your existing and discover new practices and tools for your organization.
  • or any consulting, facilitation, workshop, or coaching for your organization.

Companies, we worked with

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  • cho Tot Logo
  • TinyPulse
  • Louis Motorradshop
  • Inspectorio
  • Codelink
  • vSource
  • vincere
  • Intek Institute

Outcomes, leaders we have worked with, achieved:

    • Hands-on practices to analyze and understand their teams and how and why people behave in a certain way.
    • Created a context-depending Leadership paradigm on how authority figures are expected to behave in an organization.
    • Redesign organizational design towards mentoring and facilitating leaders over delivery performance measurement.
    • Changed Leadership Mindset from a Command & Control to a system-thinking focused mindset.
    • Established Organization Growth Mindset and focus on growth over performance.
    • Developed context dependent leadership programs focusing on authentic behavior by embracing Authenticity, Empathy, Integrity, and Adaptability.
    • Developed individual Personal Vision with increased transparency towards personal mastery.