Weekly updated, current status: o1.05.2023 - 28.05.2023 - calculation explanation


Total Health

PositionStudentTotal HealthBaselineCurrent Health
1Hoang Nguyen14610541
2Denrick Simmons1306070
3Tai Nguyen11510510
4Betty Tran1051050
5Thu Pham85850
6Khanh Nguyen806020
7Truong Tran75950
8Oanh Do70900
9Loc Nguyen70900
10Ngoc Nguyen655015
11Tuan Nguyen65850
12Thao Le605010
13Thong Le55505
14Thang Pham55505
15Carsten Ley50500
16Biplab Subedi45500
17Nghia Cao35500
18Duong Bui30500
19Tai Le30500
20Chien Kieu30500
21Hien Luong30500
22Thao Pham30500
23Thi Le30500
24Bertrand Pigeon30500
25Duy Le30500

Current Health

This list shows the most active student within the last 4 weeks.

PositionStudentCurrent Health
1Denrick Simmons60
2Hoang Nguyen41
3Thao Le20
4Carsten Ley15
5Thong Le5
6Ngoc Nguyen5
7Thang Pham5
8Betty Tran0
9Tai Nguyen0
10Thu Pham0
11Truong Tran0
12Oanh Do0
13Loc Nguyen0
14Tuan Nguyen0
15Khanh Nguyen0
16Biplab Subedi0
17Nghia Cao0
18Duong Bui0
19Tai Le0
20Chien Kieu0
21Hien Luong0
22Thao Pham0
23Thi Le0
24Bertrand Pigeon0
25Duy Le0